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Principles Part 1 - Teams, Visions and Values

Last post I put forward 7 principles that I think every agile methodology should have. In this post, I'll be explaining (hopefully) what each of those principles means and why I think it is important. To recap, the six principles for a successful methodology are -

  • They are built around small, self-organising teams

  • The team has a clear vision of what they are doing and where they fit into the bigger picture

  • The team delivers a regular flow of value via a well defined backlog of work

  • There is a content authority responsible for making sure decisions are made quickly

  • There is a clear bidirectional service agreement between the team and the rest of the organisation

  • There is a fast feedback loop that allows the team and organisation to optimise both the process and the product.

  • The methodology is self-similar at scale.

So, let's start looking at these in more detail.

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Normally, the phrase 'project vision" or "project goal" elicits a collective groan from any team in which it is used. This is because project vision statements are generally... well... crap. Whoever puts them together inevitably feels it necessary to slip into management speak and string a bunch of fairly meaningless weasel words together – "we will proactively leverage our synergies to achieve outcomes consistent with our values going forward...". Lots of words but no actual meaning. No wonder people greet them with a groan.

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